Patching directly with HDMI monitor

Is there a video or tutorial for how to modify/code patches on the Organelle directly connected to an HDMI monitor? Apparently a keyboard and mouse can be used, but I have not found anything which discusses this specifically. My Organelle is ordered and on it’s way!

It’s all in the manual. But then, it’s quite simple:

Attach a keyboard and a mouse to your organelle (by using a USB hub - probably a powered hub is better)
Turn your Organelle on
You’ll see lots of gibberish during boot up. Finally a screen and a prompt will appear
Type “startx” at the prompt
Linux Desktop will appear.
Load a patch on the Organelle. the patch will also open on the screen.
that’s it.

The only thing I do not know is whether it’s possible to start Pure Data without loading a patch.

Pd will also start if you double click a patch file from file browser, or type ‘pd’ into the terminal. But it is always best to start Pd just like you mention, from the Organelle itself. This will start with all the right configurations and also open the mother.pd window.

One thing I was thinking about is what frame rate does the Organelle output? I have a blackmagic capture card wich is 30fps in 1080 max i think. The Organelle doesn’t show up when I plug it into there.

My Raspberry Pi 3 shows up no problem.
And my Organelle shows up on my external monitor and on my tv.

Am I missing something maybe?