Monome grid with M

I am starting a new thread for this hopefully to focus working monome apps with organelle m. i would love to talk to people who have an M model and have grids etc working or want to get it working. this week it’s on my list :slight_smile:


Yes please :heart:

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It’s bugging me
I am seriously close to just saying ok grids goes with my norns, that’s a closed ecosystem and i’ll generate what i need from there.
Can you share with me the scripts/installer you know you used for working v1 stuff? Then i could at least deep dive to see what used to work

Yes. This is the installer I used with my Organelle-1

After that I have used the Grid object in my own patches and it works great.

Monome 256. Arc 4
Yes, Organelle M I use comport and it reads it and detects key presses fine. Organelle 1 works great. Also fine with my Arc4. I haven’t really gone much further as have a million of stuff to do but am interested in any devs. I was writing an OS environment in Max purely for Monome and Arc but can easily be ported to PD.

Yes thats what I use on Org1. On OrgM I have had it working through comport fine.

i need to try again with my monome, i would love for it to be a sequencer on the organelle