Monome grid with M

I am starting a new thread for this hopefully to focus working monome apps with organelle m. i would love to talk to people who have an M model and have grids etc working or want to get it working. this week it’s on my list :slight_smile:


Yes please :heart:

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It’s bugging me
I am seriously close to just saying ok grids goes with my norns, that’s a closed ecosystem and i’ll generate what i need from there.
Can you share with me the scripts/installer you know you used for working v1 stuff? Then i could at least deep dive to see what used to work

Yes. This is the installer I used with my Organelle-1

After that I have used the Grid object in my own patches and it works great.

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Monome 256. Arc 4
Yes, Organelle M I use comport and it reads it and detects key presses fine. Organelle 1 works great. Also fine with my Arc4. I haven’t really gone much further as have a million of stuff to do but am interested in any devs. I was writing an OS environment in Max purely for Monome and Arc but can easily be ported to PD.

Yes thats what I use on Org1. On OrgM I have had it working through comport fine.

i need to try again with my monome, i would love for it to be a sequencer on the organelle


How is the status on this? Just got my new shiny Grid 2021 version. That I would love to pair with my Organelle, as my other grids are stuck in my bigger setup.

Looks like the info we need is here yeah?


i’m waiting for my organelle m to arrive and would love to have my monome grid work with it.
is this possible at all? are there any patches integrating the grid?
my intention was to just figure it out once i have the organelle, but it’ll be a long week.

Good news! I’ve just followed those instructions and I can confirm that I got my 40h to work on my Organelle M!
Before following those steps make sure to mount the drive as re-writable and install dirmngr (sudo apt-get install dirmngr).

So far I’ve tested that Grid Basic Poly patch and the buttons seems to be working. I’m not getting any light feedback but I suspect thats because the patch probably uses variable brightness which my 40h doesn’t have.


Hi, just read this post. How do you mount the drive? It wont let me write to the SD card when I try to install dirmngr. Thanks for any help

Cool! I am getting ready to do this on my own M now.
Did you compile from source or use the one precompiled for raspberry pi?

I just got the pre-compiled versions through apt-get and it worked great. The only issue I had was that dirmngr was missing but after installing that everything went smoothly.

Ok long story short:

  • My old Monome Kit 256 is working great.
  • My new 2021 grid is not working at all.

Taking the rest over at the Lines forum. I’ll post a happy update here when it is all working :slight_smile: