Multicore with PD~ and ORAC

Hi everyone! I am currently in the progress of working on a modification for the ORAC patch berryloops which includes start and end points, trigger/loop/ and ping pong modes. The patch is complete and functional but due to the fact that it utilizes very large arrays I was hoping I could put the load off onto a different CPU to still have enough power for a couple sequencers and effects.
The only ORAC patch that I know of that utilizes pd~ is Samplement (which I also lifted the new synth engine for the patch from :slight_smile:) I was able to get note and knob values into it and get the tables to load the audio files but I’m at a loss for how to move forward when it comes to triggering the audio and how and if the scheduler aspect comes into play. Does anyone know of any other patches (preferably ORAC but Vanilla Organelle patches are welcome as well) that use Pd~ I could take a look at?
Also if you all would like me to post the single core version of the patch that I have, I’m happy to share :slight_smile:


Koto does use pd~

This sounds like a great patch! I’d love to try the single core version (I think that will be more efficient on the OG organelle as it only has 1 core anyways).

I think the large array sizes shouldn’t have a big impact on the CPU utilization, but will impact the memory utilization, in which case making it multicore may not help much. I would check if you are maxing out the CPU vs the memory before trying to use pd~ for this.

Thanks for your guys responses! I got it working and there are MASSIVE benefits in CPU from utilizing multiple cores! I will be sure to upload it in the morning after some final bug testing :slight_smile: I will upload the single core version as well. Do you think I should just upload two separate files or is there a way I can use the .zop format to detect the organelle type?

Awesome! I think you can detect the organelle type in the, it is done here: OTC/ at master · TheTechnobear/OTC · GitHub
Though I think just uploading two versions if fine as well.

Alright its here! OracLoops | Patchstorage


Great job! I’m having fun with it!

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Great - will download this asap and give it a try. Many thanks

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