Considering buying an Organelle, but have a question for users!

Hey everyone!

I want to start of with saying I dont have an Organelle yet, but I’d like to ask a few questions before getting one. I think it seems very interesting. I have got 2 Axolotis all ready and would like to add an Organelle, to play a long with the Axolotis:

  1. How big patches can you make on the 1gig Arm cortex processor?

  2. Have anyone in here reached the limit of how big patches one can load?

  3. If you reached the limit, could you give a description of how much you have loaded?

  4. Is anyone writing whole arrangements on Organelle?

  5. I was also looking for patches in this community but was not very succesful. Couldnt find any subcategory with patches Is there a special place to look for patches?

  6. Also in general, what is you experience? Pros, cons?

Sorry for all the questions, any input appreciated :wink:

Thanks in advance!


Hey! :slight_smile:
I just recently got an Organelle a week or two ago, but I really love it. Already played a gig with it! I’ve been working on ports of my generative pure data patches and if you use PD you will love it!

1 : I saw a post where they were maxing at around 80% CPU with something ridiculous like 800+ oscillators lol. Without the GUI, PD runs very efficiently, and the hardware / Linux overhead is really small since it is running Arch.

2 : I haven’t and I think this will depend on how well you can write DSP in PD or whatever program you end up running.

3 : seems like 800+ oscillators. As a reference, superCollider has a maximum of only 256 oscillators even possible!

4 : I am running an entire generative sequenced groovebox / synth patch that I’ve been working on for a few years and am really excited to keep porting and creating with PD on the Organelle. Maxing out around 41% CPU right now.

5 : You can check out here. The uploading has been messed up every time I’ve tried to upload, but hopefully they can fix it.

6 : I have been wanting to build basically this same thing for awhile, but ended up just buying the Organelle… Linux + PD + hardware is a lot of fun.

thanks @wo3 for the detailed answers. Seems like I need to get one. Seems like Organelle outperforms the Axolotis many times, where I always get stuck on the DSP limit. I also thought about building something myself, but argh… I prefer to make music than build devices.

WHat about phasevocoding? THis is fairly heavy in any application. How much CPU does that use?

Anyway, I am planing on making some generative patches too, so after hearing this, I feel confident that Organelle can perform more than I expect.

Oh btw, how does it work with normal pure data patches? Can you just copy them over and then they work?

I think compiled Axoloti code may be more efficient than PD running on Arch, but I’m also pretty sure clock speed on Axoloti is only around 256 mHz (overclocked?).

Phasevocoding could chew through some CPU, but it probably mostly depends on your implementation. You can test it out with PD on any machine to see how much CPU it will use.

Organelle only comes pre installed with Pure Data Vanilla 46.x (newest version of 46), that you can upgrade to 47.1 if you connect to wifi using a USB wifi adapter and running pacman. There are PD extended externals that can be included, though. To use on the Organelle you just have to change some things like dac~ to Organelle mother patch sends and receives.

Yes clock speed it only 256 o Axo. and it has only got a fraction of the memory that Organelle has. Axoloti has 8 megabyte of SDram, Organelle has 512!!! Big difference.

I need that, cause I like to use a lot of tables, wavetables, etc. and plan on building my own reverb algorithms as I have build them on Axoloti. Again problem is on axoloti, once you have build a nice reverb, there is not much memory for anything to put through the reverb, like oscillators and stuff like that.

Cool about the conversion from PD to Organelle. I tried opening a few patches and I dint get any sound. Now I know what to do :slight_smile: Thanks again

The Organelle ships with a phase vocoder patch which is based on the Pd example patch. This patch runs at around 25% CPU usage.

Cool. Still room for some other stuff then. Axoloti doesnt have phasevocoder as it is now. Argh … so tempting :slight_smile:

Just bought a GSSL compressor… I think I need to sell it again and buy an Organelle instead :slight_smile:

What are you guys using for monitor? This is one thing I have been wondering a little bit about, that one needs a screen for it. I found a small display with hdmi, which could be dedicated to the organelle.

But is it also possible to have organelle connected to a Mac and edit them straight from there?

you should really make the patches on the organelle it self if you want to see what it can do.
I recently finished porting over some spectral patches so really there is only HOW MUCH you want as a limitation in my opinion not what you can do any longer.
I reach limits with spectral code that was not optimized for Arch linux 32 bit. I guess that would be a good reminder for you. That’s a 32bit build of arch linux running in there and that’s the only “limitation” but @ 16bit 44,100 the organelle is a Pd coders dream.

I don;t think there are any Cons just suggestions. Like i wish there was an easier menu system and 4 more knobs and DIN plug midi but those are relatively normal i assume.

I use my organelle as a performance tool, a studio effect and a research tool so just find a good monitor and a keyboard and mouse [i got a little hub so i can use the other USB and i am quite happy with the thing


Shree I’m so glad u showed up here

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THanks @shreeswifty

Well, I kind of put it off for a little while and decided to dive into pure data fully. just to make sure I really like the plarform before investing anything. And I am getting more and more impressed. I dunno why I didnt make ths change long time ago. All the stuff I build on Axoloti before I am building on PD and IMO it just sounds way better.

So getting more and more confident that PD is what I need and I might get an Organelle to host it :slight_smile:

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do it. There is a pd renaissance going on.
it all works now on organelle and with a little 10$ hub you can also use Ableton Link


And some of those reasons are exactly why I am changing from Axoloti, FFT and spectral :slight_smile:


Also both now work inside pd running on organelle