Multiple Banks for Organelle Physical Controls?

Is it possible to configure a Pd patch to recognise the Aux buton as a modifier that, when held down, allows each assignable knobs to transmit an addiional cc number? I ask because I would like a way to have more than just four knob control options.

If this is not currently possible, is it a functionality that could be added in a firmware/OS update?

this is certainly possible through pure data
you could also use the foot switches for that
you could also use both together

you could also use AND, XOR type logics on the aux & foot switch to allow for combination shift states

Aux on state 1, FS on state 2, Aux&FS both on state 3
if you still needed more options maybe go for the data selection knob (I think the manual said this was available to use in puredata) then define how many extra set you need for instance if you confined the output of the data selection knob to 1-3 rather than 0-1023 with scaling/maths you could have 3 sets of 3 states for you to control

this is assuming you want all knobs/buttons (whatever you wanted) to change together

you could also try to “focus” a knob by first moving it then using a similar aux,FS logic as above but only apply it to the currently “focused” control

or if you want to get wild you could set a threshold on incoming audio so that two control states would be defined by the amplitude level of a certain audio stream
or it could just be periodically randomized
so many options

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Oh, man – I’m soooo excited based on your feedback! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for presenting so much information! Pd is new to me but, forunately, I have a bit of a backgeound in database pogramming so I’ve been able to grasp the Pd concepts I’ve read about so far.

I really like the possibility of creating at least 16 knob control assignments for cc messages via the aux button and pedal input and/or option.

If I use the data selection knob and set the appropriate scaling, would I also be able to send text to the Organelle screen for each turn of that knob? For example, if I used the knob to select between four knob control ‘banks’, could I set up the Pd patch in such a way that each time I turned the data selection knob, the screen would display the name of that particular bank?

And how would I go about mapping the additional MIDI CC knob control assignments available by using a modifier to parameters in the Pd patch? I see that the Organelle ‘Mother’ patch has certain fixed MIDI CC assignments for each knob. but if I want to, for example, use the data selection knob to select another bank of knob controls to manipulate additional cc numbers, how would I make the link between the new, extra knob assignments and parameters in the Pd patch?

Any further advice per the query above? :slight_smile:

I am also hoping for additional parameters for live changes. I am using the organelle with a midi keyboard that has some sliders and knobs and hope that I can nap additional functionality to those controllers.

can length held down be detected? Eg: determining the time between button press & release? Thinking here a quick press & release for one function versus a press & hold (and then turning a dial) for more functionality.


I would imagine you just use the timer object as it gives you the time between two bangs a bang here being a button press

then you would identify if the number output was above or below a certain threshold above would be routed to one set of controls and below to another

this is absolutely possible (I haven’t used vanilla PD much so maybe if timer isn’t available but I doubt that is the case)

ohexoh, this can be accomplished with a delay. In fact, the sequencer patch in Analog Style does just this.