Use external knobs from external device in patch


Is it possible to assign other knobs (from usb controller) than the 4/5 knobs which are present on the organelle? I mean with something like | r knob5 | | r knob6 | | r knob7 | etc…?

I want to buy a usb midi controller with a lot of knobs and use all on my organelle patch.

That’s an interesting approach, and I think that you could modify the Mother.pd patch so it will listen to your MIDI controller and send the CCs to messages like knob5, etc.

Then you’ll have to add the receivers in your patches as well, of course.

as @chapelierfou says, easy enough to map midi to additional sends in mother.pd then you’ll have to update the patch to have new receivers…

but if you’re editing the patch anyway, why not just add the midi code instead of the receiver?
e.g. [ctlin 44]-> [/ 127] (if you need in multiple places in patch, then sure in the patch you then use send)

altering mother.pd is very useful, but I tend to avoid it unless its necessary … since new versions of the OS may require your custom version to be updated.

Hi all,

Thank’s for your response, I will try your solution. I already modified the mother.pd patches in some new patches I made so I know how to do it, but as thetechnobear said, I will not dot it if it’s not needed.

So I will buy my controller soon and try that. I will use it with gen MDM it’s a midi interface for controlling sounds of a sega genesis. Gen MDM uses a lot of midi cc parameters so I search a controller with a lot of knobs.
I already control gen MDM with LSDJ (something for make music with gameboys) but for that I use the organelle for rerouting all things and define midi cc parameters with a puredata patch I made.

Maybe I will buy this one :