New clip with ETC (harp and drums)


Hello,here is new video of my duo with great work of ETC.[0]=68.ARDq3AAVidOVrtbjUsR1N_CT3Tine_-ShA8gi5iBai3wGryBCBvxc9NlBKJ_Yc9wOqXSSJMfUhyzn0QhQTNlM6VNnqx_k4fYsCImZJ3qlqCAIh8_JgcBhFL2qWEqZaYsaTBuQgU6So04YCP5mSmefw1BCVmz5riWdeLlEB4Wlq1GmZE-yrE2Gs4&tn=FC-R


This is really very nicely done - love everything from the video/lighting to the choreography and of course the music. Definitely would love to see you if you ever come through nyc. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for so nice words.Hope to play in nyc someday!