New Multi Page Interface Idea

Currently there are two main ways of doing multi page patches on the Organelle: using the AUX button to change pages, or using the encoder to select pages from a menu.

This new patch experiments with using the encoder to change pages, but flipping through them more like the AUX button approach (no menu). You can press the encoder on the last selection to get back to the main menu.

Is this like my method with the auto selection? I really love this kind of interface. Everything is very accessible.

Maybe a way to have the menu system scroll through page selections instead of refreshing in chunks. So that the page selection is always centered at a certain point on the screen. Not sure if this kind of functionality is worth the work it will take to program in PD, though.

Yes! actually should have credited you here, it is basically the auto select you made with the rest of the menu stripped away.

I like your ‘centered’ idea too, this might be the one. you can see the next / prev page but doesn’t feel like you are in a menu. I’ve also been experimenting with larger text on the OLED, and thought eventually the page could show up bigger text, might be more fun.