Multi-page template - switch pages with keys?

My first weekend with the Organelle-M and all’s well. OK, apart from the battery cover :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been converting my Pd patches to work on the device using the single-page format. And now with the multi-page format which took a bit more working out for all the features (e.g. the file with initial knob positions). That’s going well too.

It would be nice if in some future firmware, the multipage format could be made more standard built-in. Not sure if that’s feasible, but would be good.

For right now though, it would be great if I could switch pages using the piano keys, or a combo of Aux button and keys. The selector knob works fine for set-and-forget parameters. But for live playing where you want to twiddle lots of parameters in the moment, it’d would be good to be able to switch quickly between them.

Not looking for someone to write this for me, but maybe someone with more knowledge of the mulit-page format could say if it’s possible and point me in the right direction?


The Aux Menu can switch between pages. The right hand column of the Zample patch selects pages.

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Thanks, I’ll check that code out. In the meantime I found this works…busking it a bit but hey…

This code in my mapping subpatch


Then this in patchmenu.pd abstraction


Re Zample, OK I see it in action, but that will take some unpicking to use it myself.

Multi-page patches aren’t a new thing. The majority of patches are multi page. Here’s a template you could use:

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Thanks. Yes I’m using the 4-Page template at the moment, but I saw there was an 8-Page too!

I was asking though about the grid menu that comes up when you press Aux, in some patches but not others. Then hit the black keys to perform some function.

While waiting for some help, I implemented my own in old school text format which does the same kind of thing. But it’d be nice to use the more fancy one. Mine looks like this when I hold the Aux key. I only have 8 functions in this patch, but could have 10 corresponding to all the black keys…