New patch: Mellowtron

Adapted from a Pierre Massat Pure data patch and involves downloading mellotron samples into folders (as can’t upload them due to file sizes).

Sounds great though with a bit of reverb so worth the effort.

Currently makes a bit of noise when changing instrument (Aux button) so either turn volume down or wait till it’s quiet to avoid this!

Let me know if any probs. Otherwise enjoy!


This is nice! great to hear those sounds from the Organelle.

The noise is caused Pd having to load all the samples from disk each time which blocks everything else… you could mute volume down between sample loads, and throw a “Loading…” up on screen for a second or two.

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Yep, the samples are ace.

I’ve added a dsp off / on with a bit of a time delay to cover the noise! Will look at the screen text too before updating patch.

Perhaps I’m missing something but I don’t see a download link… Where can I snag the mellowtron @Donnerbono?


Awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to try it out tonight.

Two question– In the folder stack I see an M300A and M300B folder. Should I use one and delete the other or is there a reason there are two? I also have a loose Gong.wav file from your .wav downloads. Does that just go in the main folder or does it need its own Gong folder?

Yep. Two different mellotron sounds. Patch uses both sets of samples.

Gong isn’t used in patch. Though It would be possible to add to one of the instruments if you want to use it!

Thanks @Donnerbono! My favourite patch so far, it really suits my need and sound great!

Awesome, thanks again!

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This patch is amazing. Thank you for investing the time into creating this.


Hey does this patch run on the mother pd patch? or do I need the actual organelle itself…still waiting for mine in the mail and cant get this to run, Looks really interesting though!

umm… this thing is amazing… it would be cool if you could CHOOSE to loop the samples, but as is it’s totally cool as… really… super happy with this… thanks!

All the samples would need editing to sound good looped. But agree that would be cool!

And this should work on desktop version but only really tested on Organelle (with a monitor and wireless keyboard). And is something that can easily be swapped out or added to with samples of different instruments.

Glad other people enjoy it too. This patch and @rawticks Juno one have totally cured by GAS for new synths! Think I need a drum synth with loadable sample sets next…

I have a TONNE of samples I have created (and purchased) over the years… I think a generic sampler patch - drop the samples into a folder, rename the patch and go - would be a huge thing… and if such a thing existed I’d HAPPILY go through and create some Organelle sample packs…

This seems like a community worth giving back to…

I spent an hour with the mellowtron and aside from the noise thing - which is easy to avoid - it’s a wonderful thing!

You’re reading my thoughts right now!

Also the Sampler Style patch that comes loaded on the Organelle (also available at is a very simple generic 1 sample per key patch. Just copy the patch and change the sounds… and yes, please post any cool sets you come up with!


Deadly! I’ll start doing that straight away! Thanks!

So I made my first patch, but the behaviour is really odd… I just used the Sampler Style and replaced the 01, 02, 03, etc., WAV files with some of my own… mine went from C0-F1 (18 files) instead of C0-B1 (24 files) and now when I play it in my organelle two things are happening… one the samples sound REALLY weird… they’re 24 bit… could it be that? And two, they go from A0-F0 (9 notes)…

Any idea at all???

actually I figured out some of my issues… I was naming WAV files 01, 02, etc. instead of 1 2 3 etc. so that fixed part of the issues… now I have another one lol… I have two octave of samples, but only one seems to play? At least I’m making progress

The patch assumes the .wav files are 44100 / 16 bit, so the 24 bit might be a problem. Pd can be made to read other formats, but often just as easy to convert them…

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