New patch: Mellowtron


It would be nice if there was a way - maybe this can be a thing I try and do to help me learn - for the sampler to be a bit more user friendly and reusable… some great free samples are high quality MP3, some are 24/48 wav, some aiff… so if there was a way to have to not care, which I’m sure there probably is, that’d be helpful for more casual owners… IMO


Just downloaded the Mellowtron patch and copied the unzipped folder to the USB drive.
Unfortunately no sound is coming.
Did I do something wrong?


Yep, you need to download samples too (too big to upload to patchstorage site). The instructions and links should be on patchstorage where the download is. Need to match folder location.


thanks! downloaded it in a hurry and did not read the description :slight_smile:


I just downloaded all the samples and it works!

I think I noticed some bugs…
The noise when switching between the different presets is normal right?
I also noticed that if you play a note and then turn the Octave knob the sample is played until the end.
And after some time playing with the patch some notes seem to hang because the samples are being played until they stop even with the release set to 0.


Yep, Noise is normal, octave switching isn’t surprising either!

I only ever got sticky notes running on the desktop version of Mother patch on a PC as easier to do PD gubbins on that. Did you get on Organelle itself?


yes. and the only way to stop it was to select a different patch.


Wow. As sample should only be able to play 7 or so seconds. Will be fun looking into that at some point!


Ah sorry you got me wrong. The sound always stopped at the end of a sample. But when I pressed another key it played the sample in full length again wich resulted in uncontrollable noise after pressing some keys…


Yeah I had the exact same problem as Trunks. I’m not familiar with PD & my only experience is about 45 minutes of playing last night with my roommate’s Organelle but I’ll try and describe the issues I had in hopes that someone might be able to troubleshoot:

  • After flipping through the rest of the sounds, certain notes (any D or A in the “-1” voice) in the flute voice would hold out for the entire 7 seconds regardless of release, room size, or dry/wet mix. Like Trunks said, there was no way to reliably stop this from happening (not even scrolling between octaves). I say reliably because there were a few times they stopped short but I wasn’t able to recreate it on demand. However, I never had the issue if I just loaded the flute sound right off the bat.
  • The noise when switching voices only seemed to happen when I was either holding down a note still or the voice I was using hadn’t reached its release point.
  • I noticed some weird lag when turning the knobs to adjust the parameters on the patch. Maybe this patch is just processor-intensive or something. The LED readout was often playing catchup to the knobs. I’m pretty sure the knob position reliably dictated the envelope though. In case that’s confusing, if I suddenly dropped the release to 0, the readout would freeze up momentarily and then piece-wise make its way down to 0ms, but while it was reading out as some non-zero value, the notes I played would have a 0ms release.

I’ll play around with it some more today after work and post here with any further findings or corrections to this post.
All that aside, this patch is beautiful & I am very appreciative of you taking the time to create it Donnerbono!

Also if anyone wants to hear a little sample of what’s possible with this patch, I made an ambient piece using a couple delays and this patch (flute, cello, and brass were the voices I used):


Nice work.

I did have a look at this quickly and am still guessing the issue is with the load of samples (which happens every time you select an instrument). So doing an aux loop round back to Flute could fix it?

The easier things to check all seem ok!


Hellos all around. I’m getting no sound with this patch and I’ve downloaded/copied the samples in, made sure of the folder path (patch>mellowtron>300a>1.wav) and still nothing. Is it possible that I have to do every preset before I can hear anything? I’ve only renamed 300a and b, combined choir, string section and the flute. Any ideas?



It should be Patches > Mellowtron > M300A > A#2 etc…

You don’t need to do every preset. Will work with just one instrument when selected.


That’s how I have it, except I renamed the notes. I thought the individual notes had to be named 1.wav, 2.wav, etc. in order to be mapped to organelle’s keys. Can they just be the note names?


They should largely match the samples that are downloaded (apart from 1 or 2 that have Gb instead of F#). See notemap.txt in the mellowtron folder to see what the names should be.


Ah. I will check that when I get home. Thanks!


Absolutely fantastic patch. Anybody find a way to stop the sticky notes issue? Having same issue here.


I’m unable to unzip the M300a/b samples. Anyone else having this issue?


You just have to keep trying. Delete the original files then try to download again. Annoying but worked for me.


I’ll do that. Thank you!