New patch: Rhodes49 - Download

Hi all!:

I used Sampler Style 49, loaded 6-sec samples of a Rhodes, added delay and tremolo.

9 sliders can be mapped to a MIDI controller:

  • Slider1 (CC 74) - Reverb wet
  • Slider2 (CC 71) - Reverb amount
  • Slider3 (CC 91) - Delay time
  • Slider4 (CC 93) - Delay feedback
  • Slider5 (CC 73) - Tremolo rate
  • Slider6 (CC 72) - Tremolo shape
  • Slider7 (CC 5) - Tremolo depth
  • Slider8 (CC 84) - Sample speed
  • Slider9 (CC 7) - Decay

In case that you are clueless in PD (as I was…and still lol), you only need to modify the MIDI CC in the “route x” or the “ctlin x” boxes according to your needs:

01 PM56 PM

Slider9 MIDI CC needs to be changed as well in “sampler-voice.pd” file.

Enjoy! :mexico:

As a newbie in PD, this took me some time to do it, and if you have any improvement I would deeply appreciate if you share it with me. :heart:


Looks great!

Thanks man, great work!

A nice chap called @WyrdAl edited a part of the Sampler Style patch a while back so that if you hit the same key a second time, while the sound from the first hit is still playing - it won’t make that ‘click’ sound, or at least not nearly as much.

If you add this file to your patch folder to replace the old one with the same name, it will fix this issue. I feel this could also be done to the patch on the C&G page @oweno? It would certainly improve it’s use for non percussive samples or those with longer play times.

sampler-voice.pd (3.9 KB)

Hi @Wannop, yeah, and it was working perfectly before adding the tremolo and the delay effects.

What I did was to add 4 ms of delay to the vline~ and it didn’t work :frowning:

However if someone can correct this, it would be awesome.

Here’s a picture of the sampler-voice file and the modifications that @WyrdAl did. :slight_smile:

This is a phenomenal sounding patch - love it. The only downside for me (and its a personal thing) is the control side if things - a couple of pages of Organelle knob adjustments - particularly given the relative simple set of parameters being altered - would be brilliant. I just cant get on with shifting things around using sliders/knobs on a controller. The organelle is a strange thing. Much prefer it as a hands on tactile music making machine rather than as a sound module with a keyboard attached. But maybe its just me…