Multisampler 'template' patch?

Just saw this post on from someone asking for help with a piano patch. Wondering if anything already exists that could be used for it?

But also got me thinking that a Multisampler patch that sampled from inputs would be really useful for some tasks. Not sure if there’s one already? I was planning at some point on making a cassette/wonky vibe piano through some pedals. And some weird guitar+pedal multisampled instruments. Each instrument would only take 5 minutes to build if there was a patch that worked along same lines as sampling on Korg Microsampler -

Select organelle key/note.
Sample to it from inputs.
Trim start/end.
Rinse and repeat…

Any key/note without a sample plays the closest sample/note, pitched down accordingly.

Ideally would have sequencer &/or arpeggio, Octave+/-, attack/release, poly/mono options. Fx would be a bonus…

Would be a nice fast/easy tool for people without PD chops (like me :wink: to be able to use to contribute to the community by making/sharing some unique instruments…

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There’s a file named “notemap.txt” which has a relationship of the file and the midi note.

You will need to add the new notes to load, in example:
E2.wav 40
D#2.wav 39

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! Bookmarked for future ref.

Actually, I have no idea re PD atm but that looks like it’s possibly the bones of a sample playback patch, not sampling from inputs?

I made a couple of banks of Piano samples for use in the Organelle:

Then there’s the Piano48 patch already preassembled by @luis.costa based on Rhodes48 by @chkbeto

And the Piano Polybeats one…

I really like your idea for a MicroSampler type patch @Generationloss . If the patch also had a ‘safe mode’ you could enable which disabled the sample in function - you could lock your files in and call it a complete instrument ready for sharing. Just a parameter with ‘sample on/off’ and some kind of ‘are you sure?’ if that’s possible.

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Thanks for the samples and patch links, will check them out. Think I have at least one of them on my stick already…too many to remember!

Yeah a Korg Microsampler style multisampling template patch with basic bells and whistles would be a really cool simple tool for non-PD savvy peeps to begin to share patches with the community…

Seems like a relatively basic patch for someone with coding skills? Or they could also go further and add options like global sample reverse, global sample loop settings etc.

I need to learn PD :confused:

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i agree. You have a bunch of ideas and sooner or later it’s easier to start doing it yourself.
here’s the begnnings of a poly sampler where you sample any thing and it’s used for a poly sampler [each sound is a note

The Nori Sampler Modded

cough patreon

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Thanks dude! Will check these out. Was already planning to hit your patreon :wink: Just waiting for some funds to come in…

And yup, gonna finally start learning PD this weekend. Hopefully be able to share some patches in a month or so…

Finally got chance to try these and couldn’t get either of them to sample from inputs? Prob user error, will look at them again soon.

the both work and have been vetted they are NOT offered as full patches though dude they are for other work to be done they are not offered as full working patches or i would have released them with explanations

hope this helps


the begnnings of a poly sampler

sorry i wasn’t more explicit

These are Open on your computer first type deals then tweak and make something you like kind of ones

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Ahhh! Makes sense now :slight_smile: I took that as it being kind of beta state. All cool. Will take a look at it on pc later in wk. Thanks!

there are basics there but really simple stuff –
First was getting it to sample
Using sample across all keys [quantization work is almost done]

Needs still:

FYI nori mod is pretty dope as is it just needs midi input to play the notes and a footswitch to record audio into the sampler

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Hey man. Sorry to revive this old thread, but I tried loading this up in my organelle m through the patch manager, and it won’t unzip. Just wondering if anyone else ran into this issue. I’m sure it’s just out of date. But I thought I’d give it a go anyways. :man_shrugging:

That’s odd, have you tried multiple times? I can’t see anything in the files that would stop it working with the M.

Yup. Tried re-downloading then uploading several other times as well. I thought it was kinda odd. I’m running into this issue with a few other patches too. But if you think it’s not the patch, the only other thing I can think is maybe my sd card has become corrupt? :grimacing: