New Patch: Tremolonelle

Another Organ style synth. Uses sawtooth/triangle waves for voicing and a nifty trem/filter/vibrato section.



Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out!

Just released a 2.0 version. Cleaned up the voicing scheme, and added a second page with more dedicated filter/decay/transposition controls.


Hi Fuurthur,

Thanks for this- for some reason the patch doesn’t work (I downloaded v. 2.0), I can load it but cannot hear any sound. What am I doing wrong?

Because the patch has multiple pages it uses a subpatch which prevents values from jumping when you move page to page. This also makes it difficult to initialise the patch. I find it works best if I set all controls to noon on loading, press the aux button a couple of times. The setting that causes this silence is the pitch\tremolo. Try moving it fully from ccw to cw slowly. This should unlock the subpatch and initialise values.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

Hi, just tried it on the Organelle M and its not working. Any clue why?

Hi Elefou,

I’m not sure. Certainly the patch has some bugs. But I have not done any development for the organelle M. If the techniques described above do not help it may require some changes in the patch to make it compatible.

Good luck!

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Just tried it again and it’s working now. I don’t know what happened before, but thanks anyway Fuurthur.