New Video Synthesizer: EYESY!

Hi there.
Just wanted to suggest to you a pedalboard I had to control my GuitarRig, it was the Behringer FCB1010. Really nice complete board plenty of features.

Looking forward to getting hands on our EYESY ! When is it shipping or has it already?

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interested in purchasing one!!!

WOO! mine just arrived today! does anyone know where we can go for info on developing on this thing? I know there’s a wireless interface but how can we enter our wireless SSID and WEP-key so we can get to it?

@SeizureCzar - that’s great to hear! The manual is here:

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Oh thank you!

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I’m thinking about buying a video capture device for a project that will involve my Eyesy’s visuals. To get the best quality possible to match the Eyesy, the minimum specs I should be looking for out of my capture device is 720p, 60fps, correct?

which number of supporter you are? im still waiting :wink:

which number of supporter you are? im still waiting :wink:

I was pretty early in the kickstarter. the serial number on mine is 55!

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It’s arrived mine, the number 105 :smiley: . I’ve not got much time to try… but soon I guess, I’ll have got enough time to start to learn :). So impatient :slight_smile:

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any updates on whether they are opening the kickstarter again?

probably when they get close to shipping all the original kickstarter pledges. They are averaging 100 every 2 weeks now but they said they hope to speed that up now. they just announced 200 and I’m # 459.

I just received a letter from customs and I need the complete address of the company. Can anyone help on this? I’d really appreciate it.

Do mean the address of “Critter & Guitari”?
If is it, here is the address from the invoice that I’ve received. Hope this will help.

697 Grand Street #122, Brooklyn NY 11211

That address should work.

@roden, You can also contact us directly about delivery and shipping issues. Thanks!

Thanks, I did sent a mail but no reply yet.
Don’t want to sound pushy but I know this process takes more time than wanted and I want it to start it as soon as possible.

Wow thanks so much. I haven’t received the invoice yet.