New Video Synthesizer: EYESY!

I just received a letter from customs and I need the complete address of the company. Can anyone help on this? I’d really appreciate it.

Do mean the address of “Critter & Guitari”?
If is it, here is the address from the invoice that I’ve received. Hope this will help.

697 Grand Street #122, Brooklyn NY 11211

That address should work.

@roden, You can also contact us directly about delivery and shipping issues. Thanks!

Thanks, I did sent a mail but no reply yet.
Don’t want to sound pushy but I know this process takes more time than wanted and I want it to start it as soon as possible.

Wow thanks so much. I haven’t received the invoice yet.

Hey CritterAndGuitari-Team,

whats the Status with the open gl lua framework?
is there progress or something you can tell us about – when it will be released?

thx a lot - here … sitting on hot stones.
still loving the original python framework too.

have a nice weekend!


We are making progress with the Lua + Openframeworks (openGL) environment. We have some details to hammer out and features to finish implementing, but it is all basically working and looking great. If you are interested in trying it out I can see about putting a beta disk image up.


I would definitely be interested! Thanks!

wow – yes.
i have a spare microsd to test :wink:
would love to.


have a nice weekend!


Raspberry Pi CM4 was just released this week. I checked briefly but it appears that the form factor has changed and won’t be backwards compatible.

Yes, the new CM4 looks cool, it is too bad the form factor changed and it can’t be dropped in. Especially since it has some cool graphic enhancements! :frowning:

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@momas @yeastbox

We just put up the new beta disk image:

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It appears CM4-to-CM3 adapters are already available.
I haven’t opened up my EYESY yet but compatibility wise, do you see any issues arising with upgrading to a CM4 board?

That is interesting. There is the question if it fits, the adapter is a bit longer than CM3, also power supply requirements are a little different, and software might need adjusting…

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Woohoo! checking this out now! thanks!

Love it!

EYESY is available again:

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