Nori Grains Modification Question

Hello people!

I’m new to Organelle, but have already discovered the magic of Nori Grains. I have a piece of music that is 20 minutes long and would love to program NG to rise and fall over 20 minutes. The current maximum rise and fall is 60 seconds, is there a solution in Pure Data that could adjust the patch to what I want it to do?


60 second is one minut. Multiply the setting with 20 and you have 20 minuts :wink:


But keep in mind that 20 minuts is a really long playback time. Is the file also 20 minuts long? If so it’s probably not going to sounds very good if you use the classic table and a phasor to play it back. There are some limitations in Pd, regarding playing back long files.

Yeah, totally. The musical application is for a piece where I want to program a multi-octave chord to unfold over 20 minutes, with the stock Nori Grains sample that I like. Just to test it out, what part of the PD file would I multiply by 20? Thank you!