SP404-style long sample playback


Just discovered the Organelle through some videos online and it seems absolutely incredible.
I’m wondering about the ability of the Organelle to playback long samples like the SP404.
My band currently use that for playing back some pre-recorded music as part of our live set but I’m beginning to think that this could replace it (and much more!).

Would it be simple to set up a patch to be able to do that? Also would it be possible to have a long sample playback continuously while using the organelle for other processes at the same time? For example, sampler, FM synth, VA synth etc…

I’ve no experience of programming Pd so not sure what the limitations are but, if I’m understanding is correct, only imagination is the limit, which is a pretty exciting prospect!

Thanks in advance


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I am also really curios about this as well, like assigning long .wavs to a bunch of keys and triggering playback! I was thinking you could try the sample player sketch that Critter & Guitari have on the site and try replacing the .wav files in the folder with your own longer files…

I dont have the Organelle yet but have been messing around with mother patch (simulates organelle on your comp) and some of the presets loaded in…Like you I have no PD knowledge at all, or any programming knowledge to be honest, but Im finding it to have an easy learning curve.

As to your other question of “simultaneous patches” you can do that in pure data on the computer but the organelle probably has more limited cpu that gets used up faster, also the interface isnt programmed to allow for loading multiple patches, I saw in another thread somebody mentioning attaching a separate screen with the hdmi port and using it to navigate other patches so you can have multi stuff, but you still might run out of processing power kind of fast…

Yeah, you could edit a synth patch to feed the lower notes only to a sampler playing the files. Leaving the rest of the keys to play the synth. Would be cool for playing live.

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thats a very cool idea actually! I imagine using a midi keyboard with extra octaves could give you the ability to spread more functional programs across the keys? powwow poly beats, sample player, and synthesizer? Cant wait to get this thing!

Thanks for your help!
Ordered the organelle and should be arriving today - might be a few days before i start delving into the Pd side of things for this sort of purpose but I’ll try to keep you updated.

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Yay! I just ordered one to! really excited to for it to arrive!

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could you direct me to this thread? i’m new here and trying to figure some things out – lets say i wanted to create a full song only using the organelle. would i be able to switch in between different patches hypothetically only if i used a separate screen w/an hdmi port? and then as far as saving goes…is a create a sequence on one of the patches how do i save the midi to then transfer to a daw. (sorry if these are silly questions)

which synth patch? none of them have wav files you can load in . there is the sample style patch but it only does samples of 1 second. been trying to figure out how to make longer samples as well but to no avail…

This was from a while ago!

What I meant was a “patch” could have multiple functions or sub-patches. So the first octave could play samples, the 2nd octave be a synth (not sample-based), and even have drums on other notes etc. The different octave midi notes being sent through totally different process before they come out as noise. That’s the fun with Pure Data!

Beats and Pieces has pretty much got it covered as a full-song backing track/sample trigger thingy, no?

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I tried to upload longer parts to Beats and Pieces, but the Organelle was not able to open the patch when there was 10 over 2 minute clips in the patches sound-folder ):

Beats and Pieces really only allows for one long sound file (that can be toggled on and off). the other sound files need to be shorter because the are loaded into RAM memory, like 0 - 10 seconds in length.

Interesting. I was thinking of trying to write a very basic 4 track patch based on Recorder. Can you only stream one file from disk at any one time?

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I would love to have such patch, I’m interested about the answers.
What about a mixer/crossfader between the players?

sure you can stream more than 1 file! here is a simple 4 track patch (not an Organelle, but could be adapted or built into an existing Organelle patch). It records 1 track at a time while playing the others.

4track.pd (7.3 KB)

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@laspancs @monsieurtopu here’s a patch that is similar to Beats + Pieces that plays longer files. I had it going with 24 tracks that were over three minutes each. There’s no reason they can’t be longer (or shorter) than three minutes as they are streaming from disk.

Important info:

  • Aux button toggles on/off a file. This file must be called ‘drums.wav’
  • Each Organelle key controls a file. Key 1 (low C) is looking for a file called ‘1.wav’, Key 2 is looking for a file called ‘2.wav’ and so forth. (this is the same naming convention as all C&G patches)
  • Please add your own drums.wav and X.wav files to the patch folder. (there are no sound files in the attached zip)
  • Knob2 controls ‘Release in XX seconds’ parameter. Currently this is set to 240 seconds maximum (4 min). You may want to edit this value if your samples are longer!

Beats Pieces 2.zip (5.6 KB)


I’m so psyched to mess with this! I’m guessing I could, theoretically, play a whole set by renaming the Beats and Pieces 2 patch with my song names, writing a drum loop for each, and loading the keys with however many samples I’d need! Only limit is the USB stick capacity, yeah?

[Edit: I just realized the patch is designed to play a longer wav for drums.wav, not a loop! Which is totally cool since a.) I have a loop pedal b.) I’m sure it could be edited to latch aux and loop drums.wav]

Could play the drums.wav into a loop pedal and use the keyboard for one shots, loop guitar over the drums…

I inserted a wav file with a lot of stereo separation, and if I’m not mistaken it was played in mono?
Is there a way to change this?
Thanks a lot !


Hello, still looking for my ideal long file player.
Any chance to have a stereo update?
A bit like in this one?

Also, how difficult would it be to have ideally the keyboard split in 2, and to have a sound mixer between both instances, as a crossfader, to slowly evolve from sounds launched in low part of the keyboard, and the other launched by the upper octave?

Sotty for my English, I hope it’s clear, otherwise I can explain more if needed.

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OK with the stereo sampler link I managed to convert the patch to stereo.
Now, I have to investigate on a crossfader, in @chrisk 's patch there is this crossfader used for the reverb amount, I can use it, but at the moment I’m stuck, I don’t know how to split the keys, 12 and 12 that can be crossfaded.
I’m quite happy at the moment anyway :slight_smile: