Orac: a how to video - which patch shall I convert?


after looking at all the patches mentioned - we have a winner :slight_smile:

the only recording we have so far is overloop and freezer, so a sampler is useful

also having had a quick look at the patch, its not too big, its tidy, so should be fairly clear on video.
also it actually has most of ‘gotchas’ in it that I need to illustrate, so very cool.

finally being from C&G , Im not stepping on any other patch developers toes, who might want to do the conversion themselves.

so wins all around!

(… I guess, in a couple of months, everyones patches are ‘fair’ game if they are open sourced - but i wont have to film and talk thru how im doing those, so doesnt matter if they are more complex_

thanks for the suggestions everyone.


I guess i’ll convert the RE-Tape Echo someday (read : not now). If someone wants to do it, feel free ! Just let me know so i won’t begin to work on it :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!


ok, this is done… about 30 mins with talking, but Id say I could probably have converted in ~ 15 mins, perhaps less, if I didnt have to talk at the same time.
(only one minor bug, highlighted in video, which i noticed in post production - not bad I think :wink: )

topic closed :slight_smile: