Orac: a how to video - which patch shall I convert?

on this post I describe how to write a new module for Orac, from the included video you can see its very quick and easy to do.

But I want to illustrate this further by making a video called.
"Orac : How to convert a patch to a module "

The idea is simple, I take an existing patch, and change it over to a fully fledged Orac module,
to show how quick and easy this is to do

Im not going to delve too deeply into the patch and how it works , rather its more about the conversion, and things that can crop up whilst you do this.

So… the question is , which patch shall I convert?


the primary goal of this, is an instructional video… rather than the converted module, so to fulfil that, there are some criteria.

a) fairly simple, clean patch, bug free
no point me taking a huge complex patch, and spend an hour patching.
the viewer will just get bored, and frankly will lose track of where I’m going, or why :slight_smile:
similarly its no good if its a rats nest of wires, or i have to fix bugs.

b) focused
some patches are a combination of sequencer, synth , fx … in the Orac world I want to split them apart, so you can interchangeably use with other modules. so this needs to ‘make sense’ for the patch im doing.
(I’ll only do one part in the video, again to stop viewers falling asleep)

c) reasonable cpu
my favourite modules are ones I can combine with others, so they have to leave a bit if spare cpu to do that !

d) open source
it has to be fully open source, including external source code, easy to build for all platforms
(im not distributing binaries which users/developers cannot build themselves without changing)

e) author
the original author has to be happy for it to be released as a module.

anyway, let me know patches you think might be suitable and I look at them to see which might work best for this video project.

(also let me know if there is anything specific you might want covered)

of course once things quieten down, Im happy to help others convert other patches , and also give more details on writing new patches… but its a bit busy here at the moment :wink:


DUST or Turingmachina get my vote.

I think they might both meet the criteria (except for author approval obviously).

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+1 for turing machina!


I’m gonna suggest
J Dilla
RE-Tape Echo

I feel like most of these would meet the prerequisite. But not positive. With the Tape Echo, I thought it would just be useful to have as one of the effects.


+1 for tape echo.

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I think another really good one (but it may be too intense) is the 4track

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Approval is the CC, BY license :slight_smile:

DUST is weird because its synth and FX, but is fairly easy to break apart. Just the FX or r voice synth would be fun I think.

Gonna check out Orac when I get a chance and convert some stuff, I hope.


to be clear, anyone here, who has patches of their own they want to convert, Im here to help (probably best in the development thread) - thats even better than me doing it :slight_smile:

for this particular thread, its about a patch for an instructional video, that might get ‘overlooked’, so perhaps an older one?

thanks for the suggestions so far, no time today, but I will check some out soon to find a candidate.


What about Nori Sampler Loop? I find it very versatile and basic, or maybe the recording part it’s to complicated for the purpose of the video? Ocra is beatiful tool, thanks!

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Orac I ment!

An arpeggiator sequencer could be great

This already might be easy as just:

Or just explore other combinations :wink:

I forget which patch it is but there’s a sequencer with a visual XOX display for reference of what’s going on in the pattern. Always seemed weird to me that no other sequencers have this kind of visual feedback. If anyone can remember what sequencer patch that is, it might be a good one to have in Orac…

Or a vocoder patch maybe if not one already in Orca modules. Would be fun with sequencers and fx…

How about Mellowtron!? Or Glass FM or one of the other early multi-page synths that we’re always missing a sequencer/arp and drum accompaniment


I like Zone very much. Even without the graphic part would it be great to have it in Orac



Glass FM! Yes! Or Juno 104 actually!

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Most of the patches in this recent “top ten user patches” video would be suitable candidates.

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I vote for Zone too.

The Juno 104 patch might be one of the best on the organelle period. I would emphatically second this patch.

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I’ll take a look, but a reminder, Im not really after the best patch,
Im after one that when I open it up to convert, the viewer is not going to be confronted with a mass of objects :slight_smile:

also, Id prefer to know the author is not planning on doing it,
as if some may, once seeing this video, want to do it … as converting your own patch is considerably easier, as you already know what it does/how it works :wink: