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Hi , how do actually get Orac to work. , maybe i am not setting it up properly. If i understand correctly it doesn’t matter where the modules are placed correct?

Here is what i am doing:
module 1- using the routing rack for 2 streams (2X…
module 2: sequencer
Module 3. Drum machine
module 4 sequencer
Module 5 Synth
Module 6: EFX

You need to place an S module at the beginning of each chain you’re using. There’s tons of people who have got ORAC working and making music. Search #organelle on instagram if you’d like to find a few examples.

Order of modules matters. You don’t have to necessarily start a chain with an s module. And I believe the router needs to stay in its default position in the chain.

placement of modules in modules slots is important, as this is how the router routes audio/signals. (see my youtube video, where I explain this, as does loopop)

what I said in the video is that the router (and clock) module can be placed in any free slot you have)

frankly, I don’t appreciatethe tone of this…it sounds really ungrateful for the free work Ive done for this… and do you really believe I would release something that does not work at all… how do you think the videos were done? did you even bother watching the videos?

also, I’ll state the bleeding obvious, use the default setup provided (one chain) first, and get used to how it works, then once you are familiar with that move on to more complex setups.

that’s not to say there might not be bugs/issues, and im going to be releasing orac 1.1 which I will tackle issues found - but only because many users have shown a little more grateful attitude than you are.


Apologies technobear didn’t mean to offend you . Sorry if the tone upset you.

It’s you, not orac. It’s a massive breakthrough for the organelle and very flexible/musical. You just have to understand it first, which isn’t too complicated I don’t think.
U modules control the structural side of things - clock, signal flow, sequencers etc
S - Modules create sound source. Samplers, synths, drum voices.
F - Are effects modules. Delay, reverb etc.

There is info on this in the original orac thread. If you are more methodical in your line of questioning then you are more likely to get answers leading you to music making. For instance, what is the ‘unmusical’ element you hear? Be more specific! We’ll all be happy to help, but check that orac topic first.

@andy77 perhaps you can tell us exactly whats ‘not working’ and what you are trying to achieve.

if your using R-2x4+2 (important to give us full module names)
then modules 0-3 are chain 1, 4-7 chain 2, and 8,9 as the tail/global slots)

but id advise you get used to R-1x10 first, in particular the way if your using the organelle keys, the way the ‘active’ module is used.
e.g. you need to select the seq module to sequence, and but you can also test/sound design the synth, by select it as active.

(R-1x10 is easiest to visualise in your head as it just one long chain… so you don’t need to think about where the head of the chain is)

also, be careful with e-drum, it only responds to a few notes, not the whole keyboard.
(again why its important to be very specific about module names, as some behaviour is specific to the module)

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Hey man, i have to thank you, i’m from brazil and sincerely i’m having like tons of fun studying the orac on organelle!

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