Orac module ideas/already exist?

With these new possibilities dropping from gods, got me thinking about organelle very differently and looking around for a few features for modules. Feel free to add other ideas if anyone has them :slight_smile:

Some requests to the clever ones (maybe some exist for port already in patches I’ve missed?) -

  • Sequencer/Arpeggistor/Transposable step sequencer with pattern bank memory? To be able to flip between different patterns. Also wondering whether Orac can multitrack sequence from one sequencer? Like on an Elektron box etc. If so, then Organelle is missing a multitrack sequencer AFAIK?

  • A step sequencer with Step Components/Conditions etc. Like hold the wooden key for a step and the knobs cycle through various options for that step. Like op-z and quantum on iPad. Something like this and with scale and randomise options would be amazing.

  • Some kind of CC snapshot performance module. Where you can assign multilayer CC snapshots to each wooden key. With hold vs toggle option. So for instance you could hold one key for massive reverb with tremolo and pitch shift on a synth. Another key for weird granular delay on a sample. Another to activate freeze globally. And flick between them or hit them all at same time if you liked… Kind of like Octatrack Scenes without the fader. Or could maybe even have it so there’s also a fader kind of function via one of the knobs… And maybe some buttons at far right of keys could be have set bpm sync’d Lfos on them. So you hold one of those first and then when you hold one of the keys with CC snapshot it alternates wet/dry via the lfo. Like have 4 buttons at far right of keys with different lfo divisions/multipliers…

Dunno how feasible any of this is as I haven’t had time to even update my organelle and install Orac yet :frowning: Excited to get on it this wknd. Maybe the cpu or view switching would make some of this stuff too much of a PITA to be worthwhile. But if these kind of modules could be made to flow nicely it’d be huuuuuuge :slight_smile:

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I thought to have a master recorder on one of the master slots and then a .wav player to use in one of the chains, pretty much used like a stem. The player could then select newly recorded files from the recorder and apply new effects.


Super exciting times. It’s no coincidence I sold my OP1 yesterday! :sunglasses:


yeah, this is a good point…

so the converted modules came around for two reasons

  1. to give everyone something to get started with :0
  2. to ‘prove’ the platform to myself, by converting a wide variety of modules, and see how long it took.

I actually intended to do about 30 modules (1) , but it proved so easy (2), I kept doing more.

so I do think we will find, as we all play with Orac, that some modules are more suited than others, and I have (re-)discovered a few C&G patches that I didn’t use before, but really like on Orac (e.g tuned delay, rythmicon)

But, a strong reason driver behind is to make modules easy to create, by removing some of the ‘burdens’
So my hope is, after that thru playing with what we have, this will generate new ideas for modules, some wont even be that complex, but will just ‘fit’ the environment nicely.

I do have an idea for this, a bit more generic and needs a bit of work on the Orac, but the basics are implemented already. (no details yet :wink: )

Personally, one thing id like to avoid is modules that require other modules to be present, or modules which assume only one is loaded, or are in a particular slot.
I think this will confuse end-users, so Im keen to keep the user experience consistent.
(also by definition these things constrain users too)

anyway, very early days, I think as we all explore, different ideas will come up…
this is why i was so keen and excited, to get Orac into your hands, to see what you can make of it


You tease! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair point - how about having a recorder within Orac as standard at the end of all the chains?

yeah, ive had discussions before, about if Orac should have some ‘fixed’ modules (e.g. should clock be part of the infrastructure).
But at the moment, Im hesitating, I recognise this might help the user experience, but it also adds constraints, e.g. who am i to say, some musician doesn’t want a strange clock that speeds up and down with a mind of its own
same with a recorder, im sure many people have different ideas for recording, or where in the chain it can be… e.g. perhaps you want the recorder before the fx.

thats kind of the difference for me , from say the OP-1 and Organelle.

Teenage Engineering have done a fantastic job of tying everything together into a really coherent experience, but ultimately they dictate the workflow/the experience. so thats a constraint (albeit it, in a huge sea of possibilities!)

With Orac, I wanted to keep as much flexibility as possible, letting the musician (and module patchers) choose what they want, and let the cream (best modules) rise to the top.

Of course, I have added a few constraints, in the name of user experience (and to make module patching easy!).
so for sure, there are always compromises to find the right balance… and Im sure we can improve on this over time, as I get more feedback etc


Standard request but an sp404 vinyl sim/wonky BOC type effect module would be cool… Can possibly build one already with the available modules but for convenience and easy tweaking it’d be great to have it inside of one module.

So - a thought from the night :slight_smile:

poking about in orac, organelle and mutable source code yesterday gearing up for a few of my own orac modules…

it occurs to me that having the chains come together in a Mutable frames mixer


might be very exciting!

(obviously the ‘coming together slot’ could be any mixer - and I guess you already have implicit mixing in there? so even just having an explicit mix module could be kind of useful - or can you midi control the levels of the chains anyway? not explored that part yet )

don’t know if that’s an easy or hard thing right now but thought I’d put the idea out there!


Yes, one can already midi map master volume IN and OUT and individual module main volume; all this (and midi Thru) on the routing modules.

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Sounds like a custom router module to me, based on frames (saying this without actually having looked at the inside of router modules)

Sure would be ace!

(Would be way cool to have some sort of touch strip input for each of the four channels which always reflect the levels)

Is it possible to make a “recording” sequencer (like the “aux” in Analog Style) that is quantized, with options for both total length and subdivisions? Would love this.

If modules (or patches for that matter) like this exist already, please do tell (there are so many great patches AND modules at this point it’s hard to stay on top of it all!)

edit: I did find a patch, while not a “recording” style sequencer, that is pretty great called 16 step drum sequencer (by @callmesam - ty for making this, really cool and incredibly useful, the interface, simplicity… this is just a great patch :smile:)

“Punchy” maybe?
It works a little like a Keystep: press and hold aux (record), play the notes (each note is a step), hit aux, hit a key to start the sequence (one shot or loop if I remember correctly).
A few weeks ago there were two “punchy” modules, “Punchy”, and “Punchyl” with more steps, made by Wyrdal: Orac : module developers guide

Hopefully not too complicated to convert to Orac …
Ah, just realised you talking about midi recording. I’d love this too, like a quantised midi ‘I take up’.

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@Saki_Ciselas - that’s a good idea to look into Punchy (and Punchy!). I didn’t think about it before but I wonder if I could generate rests by using notes that are out of the audible range (I’ll have to look into exactly how the puncy modules work, never tried this on the original C&G patch).

@Wannop - yes! both a midi record quantized module and an audio record quantized module would be amazing - it looks like they’re coming soon in patch versions anyway so yes - hopefully conversion to modules won’t be too tricky!

Anyone know of a sampler module for orac that can hold 24 samples?
Thought sampler 24 would but it’s 12x2 (very useful considering the nature of polybeats)
Is there a one-shot sampler module for orac that holds more?
Or maybe there’s a simple way to mod it to hold 24 @thetechnobear

I’m happy to share these samples I made from the korg volca beats if anyone wants.
They are nicely trimmed, cross faded, and level adjusted with some compression/eq added.

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I’ve modded it for 24 samples, on my phone rn I’ll post it on a couple hours :slight_smile:

u the best :green_heart:

S-sampler24-24.zip (8.0 KB)
Thar she blows! 24 samples sampler ready for sampling your favourite 24 samples. Samples folder is empty though so you will have to pop some in there yourself :slight_smile:


Hello, guys. Greetings from Russia!! I bought organelle only 1week ago and i’m really trying to get into pure data, but i guess it will take much more time than i’ve expected. Could you please tell me what should i change in sampler24 module so it won’t loop samples, i need them to be 1shot. i know it should be very easy, but i feel myself lost.

I think the way the module is it will always loop the sample so you’d have to get into pd and get some advice from devs on if/how to change the module.
My workaround was to edit my drum samples to have half a second of space after the hit, so it doesn’t loop immediately, and this also allows for some samples to have a bit of decay to them.
Then just take the release parameter down to zero.

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