Organelle arrived and I have a few beginners questions!

Yay Organelle arrived :slight_smile:

I got it updated to 2.2, which was very easy and I also copied all the pd-extended externals to USB stick so it looks like this:

But I am having a little bit of a problem trying to declare a path for these externals. I tried this:
declare -path …/…/pd-extended/cyclone

But it doesnt seem to work:

When I copy the external to the patchfolder it works. But it would be nice to be able to use them from a fixed location when patching and when you are done, then copy them to song folder.

Anyway, I am doing it wrong, what is the correct way of doing this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

try using an absolute patch i.e.

EDIT, i think you need …/…/…pd-extended… as you say its in /usbdrive/pd-extended, not /usbdrive/Patches/pd-extended

note: the reason most copy the externals into the patch folder, is because you don’t know others will have installed pd-extended (most have not)

With MOST of the externals this is True
BUT Cyclone to be on the safe side you want to declare -lib

declare -path is for folders with abstractions , like list-abs stuff like that

Yes true, BUt I just think it is a workflow killer to have to copy externals into the folder manually every time i want to try something new out.

So sure my plan is to copy them to the patch folder a bit down the road, but when messing around it is just so much nicer to have them in a common library where they are easily available.

i think if you are transitioning from pd-extended and have patches written for it or ones you want to convert that makes sense. There used to be some talk on the pd list that loading all those externals caused a larger memory footprint but i don;t know if that’s true. When i first started with organelle i was trying the …/…/pd-extended method but as i have re-familiarized myself with what lives where i just drop the ones i need in the folder. It helps folks who want to modify or make changes get going quickly too.

If you want you can PM me and i’ll share some with you when you get comfy
Welcome and have fun!

Yeah, well for the patches that I converted from Mac to Organelle it is not really an issue, cause they are all ready finished. I just look ar which externals I used and copy them into.

But when patching directly on the organelle it is a lot nice to have them in a common location cause then you don’t have to locate and copy every external you need, everytime you need it.

But yeah, I am always up for some revisioning my workflow. So any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: Ill drop you a PM :slight_smile:

I have a Folder system i use too.

that sorta thing :slight_smile:

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I’m just getting into this and curious if there have been any changes to how to best manage this. Is it still best to just have them in a separate directory and copy them into the patch folder that you’re working with as you need them? Thanks for any tips!

Also is there somewhere one can find all of the externals from pd extended at once? It’s unclear to me if this collection would be most comprehensive there are so many different external libraries out there and I’m scratching my head over where to start…


Here are the externals: