Organelle Disaster

Bit of a long shot but does anyone know of any electronic repair companies in the uk that would be able to repair an organelle. Reached out to a couple but not getting any response.

I put a trs jack in the output socket and when I pulled it out it left the tip in there. Opened it up and I managed to get the tip out but that has wrecked the input socket. So I need a new input jack socket fitted.

look for a hackerspace or similar. any person with medium level soldering skills should be able to fix that…

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I could probably do this for you. I replaced the encoder on my organelle and octatrack previously, along with other mods. I’m located in Sheffield. I’d describe my soldering skills as ‘confidently mid’.

Sending to me would void your warranty with C&G though, have you contacted them to find out wait times and cost etc?



I emailed support and the suggested trying to bend thing back in position, but that didn’t work out

Waiting for them to get back to me on costs.
Chris at C & G did say that desoldering the existing jack socket was tricky. I’ll wait and see what they come back with.

Thanks again for the kind offer


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