Organelle repair

Hi! Does critter&guitari repair Organelles? Or do you know where to get spare parts? I have organelle with several issues: broken USB port, data wheel acting funny (the one you use to select and load patches) and those keys often trigger double notes when pushed once. The last one I can live with since I use external controllers but problem with patch selection and having to use an USB hub with organelle is really making my live setup unreliable…

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C&G Customer Service recently did a repair on mine. Had a jiggly power issue that they did a fantastic job of support + fix on. I recommend you contact them.


Hi Milwaukee, thanks for the good repair info, my screen stopped working and I was wondering if you know anyone specific at C & G that could help with the repair, I have sent an email to the general address a week ago and havent heard back but maybe there is a better place to contact?

Hey, would say be patient - those guys are busy with life and just give them some time to respond. Was very happy in the end with my repair and the way they treated me.

can i ask about how long the process took? thank you!

Three weeks or so.