Organelle M internal mic & loud aux button

I have found the internal microphone to be close to unusable because using the aux button to stop recording results in a noticeable “thump” sound in the sample audio.

Is this normal or do I have a particularly sensitive unit?


I’ve noticed this when using some looping patches. It seems not ideal but I bet it’s normal.

For me, the internal mic is just a backup or a way to test patches. I prefer to use an external mic or instrument input, both to avoid that kind of thing and to be able to control the audio quality more.

If you do want to use the internal mic, I think a footswitch/pedal would solve this (and also nice to have a hands-free way to start/stop recording, especially for looping where the timing is important).

Not sure if it’s been tried, but I wonder if you could also set up a patch to cut off the very beginning or end of the recording to get rid of that thump. Obviously, this wouldn’t work if it’s a recording that’s really sensitive to timing (like trying to record a perfect loop).

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