Organelle M SSH Root password?

Howdy yall,

Been reviving my old desktop synth setup and wanted to modify organelle m for MIDI THRU functionality.

Need to save a new version of mother.pd/midi that has the added objects to do real time midi thru with sysex and clock… in theory. I cant seem to figure out what the ROOT password is for this unit.

Anyone got a clue for me?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it, but this post ( SSH Organelle Instructions? - Organelle - Critter & Guitari ( suggests that the root password is ‘organelle’ (no quotes, of course).

I’ll be curious to know too — hoping to get mine out for more play once I finish my last semester in grad school.

I tried ‘organelle’ and also ‘Organelle’. I also tried logging in via terminal window on osx and also on the terminal in the VPN access directly on the onboard OS.

Thanks for checking the post and responding. I had read that thread yesterday in my troubleshooting research.

On my Organelle S the password was: music

Hope it helps.

I solved this by learning of the hierarchy of where the mother patch is loaded from… I just dropped it into the place in system its expecting. So i didnt have to go to root. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem - I can gain access using music as user and password but not root… Any ideas?