I upgraded to Organelle M. so lost in file handling

how do i access wifi since there is no way to access the OrgM before?

how do i send files to the Organelle?

i know how it all works on old organelle but completely lost now

Managing patches are similar on both devices, you can use USB drive or WiFi. The main difference is the Organelle M comes with a WiFi adapter so if you want to use USB drive for patch storage, you have to provide your own flash drive.

Accessing the Organelle M from WiFi is described in Chapter 5 of the manual:


You might check out sshfs. I am on a mac and use it to tranfer larger volumes of data. It enables you to mount volumes remotely. In this case even wirelessly

How do you ssh into organelle m from terminal?

ssh music@organellem – you might have to append ‘.local’
password: music

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You can also use the Organelle’s IP address (e.g. ssh music@192.168.x.x). To see the Organelle IP, navigate to the Settings -> Info menu.

You Folks are Awsome. Thanks!