Organelle MIDI Sequencer and Audio Effect in One Patch!

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to share this video that shows off the Organelle’s Rhythm Delay and Distortion patch’s ability to sequence another synth via USB-MIDI and effect the audio from the other synth simultaneously!

How it works: Rhythm Delay & Distortion is an effect patch that passes incoming audio into delay and/or distortion lines in user-defined polyrhythmic patterns (a sequence). This sequence simultaneously sends MIDI clock and notes over a USB-to-MIDI cable, thus sequencing the Bolsa Bass (or a MIDI capable synth of your choosing). The Bolsa Bass then sends its audio output to the Organelle to be effected by the patch’s delay or distortion lines.


Wow, this is pretty amazing!! :heart_eyes:

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Nice! By the way, what particular USB to MIDI cable is being used here?

@genshi We use a EMU XMIDI 1x1 USB-MIDI cable in this video

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having all kinds of fun sequencing my 0-coast with the midi out from the Organelle thanks @chrisk and @oweno I’m sound sculpting to infinity with polyMIDI and Rhythm Delay and Distortion