MIDI questions on Organelle S

Hello! I’m considering purchasing an Organelle S, but first wanted to be sure it can support what I’d like to do.

I’ve got a Faderfox midi controller that I use to steer a generative sequencer Pure Data patch on my laptop. The patch then sends midi out to hardware synthesizers via my audio interface (which has midi I/O).

I’d essentially like to replace my laptop in this setup with the Organelle S. So, I’d like for it to run my pd patch which simultaneously listens for midi input from my controller and sends midi output to my synths.

A few questions:

  • I saw something that said the Organelle doesn’t support simultaneous midi in and out “out of the box.” If I transferred my existing pd patch (which already does simultaneous midi in and out) onto the device, would things just work (maybe with some tweaking)? i.e., once I ironed out any kinks necessary to get the patch working correctly, then any time I opened that patch on the Organelle S, simultaneous midi in and out would be functional?
  • Could the Organelle S provide power over USB to my Faderfox controller like my laptop does, or would I have to power the controller separately?
  • Are there any gotchas or things I should know ahead of time with using the Organelle S as the midi brain / master clock source for a setup with multiple synths? Are there any example patches that do this someone could point me toward?
  • Does the Organelle platform support all pd vanilla objects? I’ve seen a few posts mentioning issues with [loadbang] for instance.
  • My sequencer patch uses a lot of abstractions (not subpatches) I’ve created. Are abstractions supported on Organelle? I assume so, but I wanted to be sure since most examples I’ve seen use subpatches, not abstractions.

Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere, but I didn’t see anything too clear. Just didn’t want to commit to a purchase without being sure my use case is supported. Thanks!

Organelle does support midi in and out simultaneously. I guess the “out of the box” part might refer to the fact that some people don’t always code midi support into their patches. If you have a custom patch and are familiar with pure data, midi is handled the same as on PC. Loadbang will work too. Its handled a little differently in the orac ecosystem you’ll be fine with your custom patch.

Everything you’ve mentioned is possible but the one thing I cant say for sure is support for the faderfox with it connecting over USB. I feel like a long time ago someone was having trouble with it but I cant find the post. I personally use a midi fighter twister tho and it works great. If you are using the built in 1/8 midi, you may have different results. I wish I could say for certain but I just dont own a faderfox. I will say when there is a will, there is a way with the Organelle as it is at its essence a Linux computer

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Incredible, thank you for the response! I think I’ve heard enough to click the buy button :sweat_smile:

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Not sure which Faderfox controller you are using but I have a Faderfox MX12 New Module that works flawless with my Organelle M.

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Following up here —

The Organelle S arrived and it’s a total dream. My patch works great, the Faderfox UC4 integrated seamlessly (and the Organelle can power it over USB), I wrote up a little midi clock patch without any issues, and I’m able to load all my abstractions just fine. I’m very jazzed about this new addition to my setup. Thanks to the C&G crew for making such an amazing piece of gear!