Organelle: Possible to Join WiFi network on Startup?

Hey all,

a curiosity: Is it possible to have the organelle to join a wifi network automatically upon starting up? On that same vein, is it possible to automate the launch of StartVNC along with WiFi?

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

With a little bit of Unix ‘hacking’ both are possible.

However it’s probably not advisable, as both could potentially affect audio performance.
this is ok when your developing patches - but you’d probably not want it at other times.

Thanks for the reply Mark @thetechnobear, I am not the most adept hacker per say… I attempt to execute custom code that OTHER people have written or implemented before. Im a hack at hacking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wouldn’t want to sacrifice stability or performance for something that I can easily manually achieve. Just thought it would be an easy and convenient feature.