Organelle white whale/kira/meadowphysics


Before i dig on this and trying to create a module of monome apps for orac I want to know if it already exist or not. If yes where can I find it?




does not exist yet/yes please!

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There is a monome suite with all these objects, but it’s not ported to orac yet


Yes, everything runs fine on the organelle but I want to import this in ORAC.
Looking at Marc Harris videos there seem to be a lot to do to convert this to make it work in ORAC, my GOD :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at this first on how to and look the other modules that already are ORAC compliant.


You’ll find it’s actuallly less work using Orac that using other multi page menu systems. But like those of course there is a learning curve.

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Would also love to see this!

you might want have a quick nosey in the Orac modules thread…


Just saw that!!! SO pumped great job. Subbed your channel too. Much appreciated!

Kira seems like it will be straightforward. I need to have a proper play with it first (& explore my new Ansible a bit)

I feel white whale might be better suited to the release of Orac with the modulation bus in it. Although it might go nicely with my quantiser (which I should put in an Orac module and release. I finished the external ages ago…too many things, not enough time…)

The temptation to write an implementation of Earthsea for Orac also exists…however I have a plan for an Earthsea variant for Norns first. Yet another rabbit hole beckoning…


nice! :+1: