Orac 2.0 Wiki

Recently @Thetechnobear started a Wiki on the GitHub repository for Orac:

The purpose of this is to have a centralized place for Orac documentation. I have started on entering a few unfinished entries and creating a general page structure, but I am new to Orac and the Organelle and would appreciate more experienced contributions from the community.

If you do decide to help with this project, let’s use this thread to specify what pages you are working on, ask questions, make suggestions, or report significant changes regarding the Orac wiki. Hopefully in near future we can have some detailed documentation available for Orac users and reduce the need for Q&A in the forums.



Thanks for working on this, I think it will be a huge help for people. We’ll try to fill in some stuff from our end too. Also would be good to have a chapter for developers including a reference of Orac messages, advanced topics, etc…


I agree that would be nice, i feel a bit lost when patching for Orac because i learned PD basics mostly with factory patches, a list of differences would be useful for learning (especially about sending text/values/graphics to the screen). :slight_smile:

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Good idea! I added a new page called “Developer FAQ” and changed “FAQ” to “User FAQ” for disambiguation.


Ok, Ive added quite a bit of content…including resources on faqs, list of modules, and also some information on the slots types.

its far from complete, but at least as a starting point

please feel free to edit and contribute its your wiki :wink:

modules, Ive put the ‘factory modules’ under a separate heading, so other developers are free to add links to their own 3rd party modules if they wish. (as separate heading in appropriate section)
please keep it to one line, and then create a separate page if you want to include more details (see the router page for an example of how to do this!)


Excellent, thanks for doing that @thetechnobear ! This is going to be (and already is) a really useful resource. I will try to flesh out a few fundamentals under Getting Started and Chain Slots once I get a bit more free time :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah this would be really handy, I think sometimes users initially are a bit confused about the main menu… esp. how to select a preset… as they don’t realise ‘demo1’ is a preset name :wink:

I guess another area id like to add is some how to…
e.g. setting gain levels, getting input (inc gain in router), panning , midi channels

all easy stuff when you know where to look, but lots don’t know to check out the (many) pages in the router :slight_smile:

I want to start adding certain details to the wiki like how to midi/mod unlearn etc, just things that took me a lot of time to find on the forums hence could be useful to others :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I don’t know how to do that, do I have to do a PR on the whole project ?
I’ve seen that there an edit button each wiki page, can I just start editing directly ? Thanks

Hi Lcchy,

Pleased to read that you’ll be adding to the wiki! You can add or edit pages directly on Github in Markdown format. This article has instructions:




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Sorry I got carried away :wink:
Thank you very much @keston , I am starting to add things