OS card crashed

So my OS card crashed. My computer won’t even read it.

I have a 64GB SD card, what should I do to restore my Organelle?

Instructions to reflash the micro SD:

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Unfortunately I get errors using Etcher. I might try Rufus. Is there a maximum SD card size and OS format? EXT4? Fat 32? I have a 64GB SD Card.

If you’re getting errors using etcher, then it could be your microSD card and would suggest trying another.

I’m not sure if there are any size limitations for Etcher, but 64GB doesn’t sound too big, especially since the OS is not even close to that size.

I will play around with it. I image drives all day long and sometimes it wants a freshly formatted SD card as opposed to a card that is taken out of a phone or camera. The partition table may need to be rebuilt.

Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok, so I used the 3.0 img. The 3.1 had something wrong with it. I can’t even unzip using 7zip or winzip.

Not sure how I’m going to partition it other than going into the Linux os myself and partitioning it there.

With Etcher, you don’t need to unzip before you flash the disk image.

I understand, it is broken. 3.0 worked easily. I cant even extract 3.1.

Look at the file size of 3.1, its half of 3.0.

ok, update. I was able to reflash the SD card properly, create a secondary ext4 partition and dump all of my patches there. no more USB stick, yay.


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