2016 Organelle freezes 99% 4.0 upgrade

followed all directions, using unarchiver, tried three different micros cards on two different computers. I get the following errors when I plug into HDMI

Any help?

Thanks for the screenshot. The errors are related to micro SD card, as if it is corrupted or damaged. But you say you tried multiple cards and didn’t get any errors during the unzipping etching process? and the Organelle was working before attempting the update? I’ll double check the posted disk image is working. Also we can send you a card already burned and tested to rule out any issues with your Organelle.

That sounds good.
Yes, I used three different cards that all work with other programs, bounced off two different computers, no errors in in archiving or the burning phases.

Hmm, sounds strange. I downloaded and flashed it without issue…Did you try downloading again? could also be a card reader issue. If you think it is a hardware issue or want to obtain a flashed card contact us.