OTC and midi

Hi All

Is OTC controllable via midi? Successful install and loving it so far…

I’m struggling with two things:

  • I can’t figure out how to change the channel to my normal Organelle midi channel (4 - it’s registering channel 1, so it’s seeing a lot of other stuff!)
  • even tho it’s receiving note input, I can’t seem to change modes/trigger this way (ie trigger the functions Technobear has sete for the black keys). CC control seems to work…

Not sure I’m supposed to be able to do either, so any help gratefully received…
All the best :slight_smile:

it does not use the organelle’s mid settings.

ETC did not have a way to change midi channel, its fixed at ch1 , but you could edit etc_system.py to alter this.

change mode - this is as per ETC, so uses program change on ch 1
trig - I don’t think ETC allows this from midi, its audio - but you could alter a mode to use a midi note or cc

generally, OTC should be working as ETC… let me know if its not

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Mark - thanks so much for your reply & let me apologise for not following up. You do so much for this community & it wasn’t my intention to repay that kindness with rudeness!

OTC was working absolutely fine - I think my problem was conceptual… it’s not really like a normal patch so I couldn’t control it with the usual approach. No mother.pd involved I guess. Doh!

My tiny brain… Awesome bit of reprogramming, tho… I don’t know how you do it…!

Much respect & many thanks