Yet another Midi Channel post

I am a new Organelle user (my unit is running the 1.0 firmware). I am trying to set my Organelle so that all patches receive Midi from a single midi channel.

I really appreciate the information on updating the mother.pd patch in this post:

However, as soon as I update the midi channels, none of my patches respond to the selected midi channel, and I wonder if I need to modify each individual patch. Is this the case?

Should I consider updating the system firmware for my Organelle? Is there a post describing this process?

I have loaded the mother.pd into the patches folder. However, the Organelle is no longer responding to any midi at all (I added the 1 to notein to receive on channel 1). I don’t understand why my patches no longer respond to any Midi input. When the root mother is running (removing the mother.pd from the patches folder), the Organelle receives Omni just fine. Any help would be appreciated…PM, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds strange.

Can you try this one mother.pd (17.1 KB)

This should be receiving notes and CC on CH 1.

The strangest thing is that this mother.pd file worked like a charm. Odd…the only difference is that I did not open it in my build of Puredata which is Pd-l2ork. Maybe that was the issue. Immense thanks!