Pacifica! for 201 Pocket Piano

Hi everyone!

My pocket piano arrived last week and I think I have grasped the most basic fundamentals of its core… :slight_smile:

I figured it would be the perfect vehicle for Pacifica! - an Organelle patch I wrote a few months ago - since there is a built-in transpose function on the PP anyway, leaving only 3 knobs to assign.

Please note that the boot time of the PP takes a bit longer than you are used to, since all samples are loaded into memory and not executed from the SD card - just to prevent latency problems for the fast playing virtuosos among you.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!


That sounds nice, thanks for sharing!

I noticed a weird issue where voices seemed to be disappearing and found it happened after playing notes in the higher registers (outside the range)… I think (?) the issue is this thing:

A note outside of the range can get through the spigot and then gets stuck on (bc we don’t know for sure if notesIn goes to spigot or expr first), adding a trigger seemed to fix it:


Thanks @oweno for the valuable feedback! Good call - I had this issue as well before when I was working with two moses objects and thought the spigot resolved it. I was wrong… the trigger makes perfect sense. Will update this soonish! Hats off!

Fixed version up on Patchstorage - thanks for the heads-up!


Weird problem - if I hold a note (or several notes) for a quarter to maybe half a second, the notes retrigger when I release them. I don’t know that I would call it a full “retrigger”, but they swell back up briefly before fading again. It doesn’t happen if I just tap the keys and don’t hold them at all, and it doesn’t seem to happen if I hold them longer than about a second - just this small window of hold time that is retriggering the notes when I lift my fingers off the keys. This seems to occur regardless of the 3 knob positions.

Love it though - thanks!

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running Pacifica on both machines makes the whole 37 note range playable at once, and with some amazing stereo-phonics to boot. I’m looking forward to more experimentation using the pair like this with other / future patches - it’s unbelievably sweet with Pacifica going!

Overlapping the note range by an octave has been really neat with note doubling and phrasings that you can’t play with one set of keys. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for reporting @sgotb. That’s indeed a weird issue and I’m able to reproduce it. Not sure yet what’s causing it though. As far as I remember I didn’t change this part and took it 1:1 from the Organelle patch.
This only occurs on the 201 PP, right? I can’t check on the Organelle right now as I’m in the middle of renovating my home studio but hopefully I’m able to come up with a fix in the next couple of days.

Loving your idea of playing Pacifica on Organelle & 201 simultaneously!

I meant to add last night that the retriggering doesn’t happen on the Organelle - I got it out to check that when I found it with the 201. I discovered it within a few minutes on the 201 and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it on the Organelle a few months ago.

Either way, it’s not keeping me from having fun with pacifica - thanks again for making it happen!

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Hey again @sgotb! The note retriggering problem is now fixed - reason was a faulty envelope filter message. I simplified it, which resolved the issue for me. However, I’m still wondering why it didn’t cause any problems with the Organelle version.

v0.3 is up on Patchstorage.

I have changed the patch name to 201 Pacifica! too to avoid confusion with the Organelle patch.

Also, thanks for your kind words - if you are satisfied, that’s the nice reward for me! Have fun and of course let me know in case you find any more odd things! :slight_smile:

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it’s great! playing both machines again and it means twice the polyphony which is another fun thing to explore.

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Hi there, super nice, rich sound, and useable patch, really great, thanks !

I’ve just downloaded and I have the retrigger problem when holding notes for too long….

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Hi @Doud! First of all thanks for reporting and your nice words!
It’s a bummer that the retriggering problem is still an issue - I couldn’t reproduce it anymore after simplifying the envelope, but figured out that there are some fuzzy issues with the Attack-knob now. Need to invest some time into this and will let you know once a new version is ready.

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Cool ! Ok thanks, I stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi again! As mentioned above I was not able to reproduce the retriggering-issue. I don’t want to accuse you of anything, but could it be that you are confusing the LFO from the tremolo with the retriggering? Or maybe I uploaded the wrong version again by mistake…

Anyway - I have further improved the envelope from the patch and now played around with it for a longer time and could not discover any unwanted errors. This version feels very stable to me but of course if you find anything odd please let me know. Thanks!

0.4 is up on Patchstorage!


Hi Twang69,
There is no more retriggering issue now with this v0.4, perfect !
Thanks for this well crafted patch, I’ll keep looking forward for any new contribution from you, and this pacifical patch will have a place of choice in my setup :slight_smile:

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Yes! We made a little jam with Pacifica!

Thanks for sharing it!


Thanks a million for another fun video @chrisk!! :heart:

Thanks for the great patch! I was going to use the basic 201 sample patch as the basis for a sample patch idea I have, but I might use yours as a jumping off point :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @four_corners! I just modified my Organelle patch and looked at the 201 6-Sample module to understand how the Pd environment of the 201PP works.

Hint: Have a close look at [pd init] in my module - I have a loop here that goes from 41 to 77 - these numbers/filenames correspond to the MIDI note numbers and load the samples into the arrays. In the case of the vibraphone I had samples in the range from F2 to F5 but your range might vary.

Do you know f there is there a cap on sample space/size for a patch on the 201?

I wonder how hard it would be to do something like the oscillator selector on the “Red Mode” patch, but instead of the 4 different oscillator choices, you could cycle between a few different sets of samples. I’d love to sample one of my SID synths to make a set of “Commodore 201” (hehe) sounds in a single patch.