Not enough space for patches

Hi all. Had my Pocket Piano for a couple of days. Have been trying different patches, but now I can’t seem to copy anything onto it - getting warning that ‘not enough free space’ - even when I’ve removed other patches. Now I have no patches on it as it won’t let me upload ANY patches! What’s going on!? Please help!!

Does the disk show up on your computer? are you able to check properties, or ‘get info’ and see what it says for capacity / available? Also could try emptying the trash

Thanks for response! The SD card can’t be read by my computer. I’ve just ordered another SD card and will try that. Maybe this one has been corrupted?

If you have ejected the microSD card and inserted directly into your computer, the above statement is expected as the SD card is not formatted in a way that most computers can read.

With the SD card inserted into the 201, are you able to enter Disk Mode and view the 201 folder on your computer? This is where you can check the disk’s available capacity and also empty the trash as @oweno mentioned.

Thanks for that. Just tried that. Unfortunately, entering the disk mode no longer seems to work properly. The folder that opens is now empty. I’ve tried copying a new ‘pd’ and ‘presets’ folder into it, but it says there’s not enough space - even though there’s nothing in there! Can’t locate any trash to empty. All very strange… or I’m being completely stupid here!!

Do you think that if I get a new SD card and upload new ‘pd’ folder onto it from website, this might sort it? I’m at a bit of a loss tbh.

The trash to empty would be found in your OS.

…but it might be better just to start with a fresh OS install on the current SD card. Instructions for flashing the OS.