Patches showing "No Patches Found" after selecting

Some of the patches I’ve downloaded show a “>” next to them. A lot of these patches will take me to a screen that has the SYSTEM menu and then a PATCHES menu that can take me HOME and says “No patches found!” Patches I’ve run into that do this are enSamb, ARP-ODYSSEYII, autotune`, count2five, and a few others. Any help? I’m assuming there’s something routing me to an empty Patches folder within the original Patches folder.

This would happen if there is something wrong with the patch files, specifically the file ‘main.pd’ needs to be in the patch folder. if ‘main.pd’ is not there the OS will assume the folder is not a patch but a subfolder containing other patches. is there a main.pd in the patch?

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I reinstalled the patches and i think some of the info got left out. They’re all up to snuff now!