Pd Extended Objects for Organelle

Alex, most of the extended libraries were used to run the rungler, i redid the rungler so it it self contained and does not need my special set of libraries for the time being


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So I won’t need your pd-extended plus to run the hammond???
I’m very green to the Organelle, and have been working all morning trying to get mine set up to play it. lol

generally, pd-extended objects are not needed for patches, and patches include everything they need within the patch. (things like ladspa are the exception, rather than the rule)

Hammond, probably does not need it (though not checked) , try it first without

hammond needs LADSPA i think that was included in a last o/s update but i am not sure

the main one that needed all those original extended libraries was the “Rungler/Benjolin” that was done like the first week i had an organelle. I updated it so that those libraries were not needed to run it. All the rest have the externals in the patches.


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I’m looking at developing a patch that manipulates MIDI data that may require some of the extended/purr-data libraries.

What’s the latest on using extended libraries with the Organelle?

It’s not clear what the latest word or proper path is.

Everything @oweno mentioned in the ‘How to Use’ section of the original post on this thread is still valid. You will need to compile the objects for the Organelle (Arch Linux). Or you could try this: AUR (en) - purr-data-git

You can also use the information on this page: Purr-Data-Intro (search for Arch Linux)

Good luck!

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Quick question :

I copied the Pd-extended folder in the main patch folder. Then I make a [declare -path …/…/pd-extended/cyclone] in my main.pd patch.
How do I then create an object, for instance [accum] then ?

Thanks !

This might be incorrect…if the pd-extended folder is in your patch folder (that has main.pd), then it should look like this:

[declare -path ./pd-extended/cyclone]

but anyway, I recommend not copying the entire pd-extended folder if you only need a specific object or two. Try locating accum.pd_linux and just copying that into your patch folder. (I usually grab the help patch too)

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Makes sense, thanks for the help !

This is not a big deal, but amongst the cyclone library, [uzi] seems to be the only one not working, any idea why ?

not working like the object doesn’t load at all? or loads but is broken, are there any errors?

PD window says “couldn’t create”.

I recently upgraded to PD 0.49, maybe the external is no more compatible ?

try changing the spelling from uzi to Uzi and vice versa

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I’d never thought of that, thanks ! (I didn’t not try as I’m writing this, though…so let’s see)

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Is the above process still the same if I want to add externals to Organelle 1 or M?

yes but… some externals Will not work. like [readanysf~] sniff…

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