Pure Data Extended on macOS High Sierra


So lately I’ve been really wanting to purchase the Organelle, however I’m afraid Pure Data Extended Isn’t working good with macOS High Sierra (can’t seem to find a download which is “optimized” for my Macbook Pro).
I’m running on Macbook Pro 2017, macOS High Sierra 10.13.

Would truly appreciate your help.



Pd-extended is not supported anymore, your best bet is to build what you need from source, or to see if you can find the externals you need on deken.

honestly, though not quite sure what this has to do with the Organelle though, probably better to ask non-organelle related questions on a more general PD platform , like the PD mailing lists.

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Pd-L2ork/Purr-Data (based on pd-extended) is still being developed and includes many of the extended libraries.


What’s the current path for using these extended libs in a patch for Organelle?

Don’t use extended, use vanilla.
You can simply write down all the libraries that Pd-extended loads and Deken them if you want the same functionality it’s really not hard just choose to add the path and create a Startup for Cyclone & Zexy
You have to create a path for IEMLIB& Guts and list-abs
i think that’s 99% of the annoyances