Pocket Piano Patch for Organelle


There are posts dating back to 2017 with users looking for a proper recreation of the Pocket Piano on the Organelle. They’re all dead ends though, so I’m posting here again to ask if anyone has figured it out.

Especially since the PP isn’t in production anymore, can we please get help to have it recreated for Organelle :’(


I’ve looked into making a Pocket Piano patch before, but I don’t have a PP to work from. If someone could upload a demo video running through every option, that would be a great starting point.

For the interface, I’d map PP knobs 1 and 2 to Organelle knobs 1 and 2, tune to knob 3, and since the Organelle has a dedicated volume knob, that leaves us with a free use for knob 4. I’d map the mode button to knob 4. That leaves the Organelle’s mode button free to use as the PP’s “button” button. It’s a bit more playable that way, imo. The Organelle’s LED can still serve as the mode LED. Alternatively, could make use of the Organelle’s menu knob for mode switching, but I would prefer avoiding menu diving to more closely simulate a PP.


Yes that’s the interface I was thinking of too.
Here are two videos I found which might help.

But if someone has a PP and is willing to make a little demo video, that would be ideal.

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Thanks for the videos! I didn’t find either the last time I looked for demos, but both are good starting points. I’ll try to get a start going soon. Will post updates here.


I’ve made some progress getting the interface started. Still have to start planning and implementing the individual patches for the modes, so there’s a long way to go.

Anyway, have to make a decision regarding the hold behaviour. Here are two options:

  • Knob 4: Rotate between the modes.
  • Encoder button: Toggle hold.


  • Knob 4: Rotate past halfway to toggle hold.
  • Encoder button: Cycle through modes (like the PP mode button).

I’m leaning towards the first option, but open to suggestions.


Agreed. easier and a bit more musical to have the switch be an instant on/off that to finick a knob, esecially when in some instances you have to sweep the knob all the way up and then down to get it to trigger the right event.

Yes Yes Yes ! it would be too good a PP patch ^^

Unfortunately haven’t had time to focus on this patch again, and things are busy at work so not sure when I’ll get time again. So it will probably be slow going for a while still.

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