Patch Storage for 201!

There are new Patterns available for the 201 on Patch Storage! Download today:

To add new patterns to your 201 Pocket Piano, you will have to enter Disk Mode. Please see Chapter 7 of the 201 manual for information about Disk Mode and changing Patterns (and Modes): 201 Pocket Piano Manual.

Please feel free to share patterns and modes you create on Patch Storage!


when i get some free hours i’m gonna look into the organelle versions which are available and see what i can cobble together, but figured I’d check to see if it’s already been done by someone smarter:

has anyone adapted mutable instruments braids for pocket piano yet?

seems like the knob setup might be great for it ie.: env, timbre, color, voice-selector

was just mulling it this morning & figuring it’d be a very fun interface for that synth engine.

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Braids would be killer on pp, if you can make it work I say go for it. Personally I’m hoping for a mellotron/optigan patch (controls for sample selection, tape age, tape speed)

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