Pocket Piano Search

Hello i’m looking for a pocket piano to buy !!! Do you know where i can find one ?
Thanks a lot

There’s one here on Craigslist:


Thanks but i’m in France and i find it really expensive !!!

The septavox is still available, if relevant…

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Yes but i’d rather have the pocket piano…

I actually kind of prefer the septa over the pocket piano (I have both) and think its worth considering, if you can’t find a pocket piano.

I guess you already set alerts on audiofanzine, leboncoin and reverb…

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Yes i have thanks…
If you wanna sell your pocket piano :wink:

It’s 400 canadian dollars. So it’s only 259 euros. For a pocket piano it’s an honest price really

I know that someone in the Patchstorage Discord was working on recreating the Pocket Piano as an Organelle patch, so if you end up not finding one you might be able to get the same result from an Organelle soon!