Punchy default sequence

First post here. New Organelle user. Not about to get into pd, I’m afraid.
I can see that doesn’t seem to be any leeway for presets within Punchy, so…
Here’s what I’m wondering - could the patch be edited so that creation of a new sequence in Punchy overwrites the default sequence and would be there the next time the patch was loaded? If this was the case I would load maybe 3 instances, slightly renamed and be able to switch between them in live performance, fairly seamlessly, I’d think…

Punchy already saves the sequence, so each time you load the patch it should be the last one you punched in. Is this not happening?

No, this is not happening. Maybe the Organelle has an old version of Punchy? It belongs to my son so I can’t verify what was loaded.

I loaded a second version of Punchy. And now both are working as expected. I can assure you that it wasn’t working like this earlier. I’m not sure what could have been wrong. Had I known this was the expected behaviour I would probably have rebooted and tried again which was probably all that was needed. Apologies for taking time.

Moderator - This thread should probably be deleted as it isn’t adding anything useful.

No worries, yeah, might have been an older version.

Generally the patches that create some kind of sequence or record sounds will save these resources in the folder with the patch, but some of the older patches didn’t adhere to this. A few months ago we updated all the patches, can’t remember if Punchy was one of them.

In the future we hope to build a real preset system on top of this, but for now you can copy the patch folders and rename them like you mentioned.