Help with Presets

My new 2019 Organelle has just arrived and I want to use it in my live show.

I currently want to save new presets of certain patches that already exist.
I see version 2.1 had that option. Version 3.1 doesn’t
Favourites section is completely useless as it doesn’t save my preset.
I love this little thing but without a save preset option No one can ever personalise the instrument.

Should I overwrite to version 2.1? if so how do I do that?
I tried to manually import the Save New preset script from 2.1 download folder but the organelle doesn’t read it?

PLEASE someone help me.

There is a difference between Saving a preset and a Favourite. Both are covered in the manual:

To create presets go to the Storage menu. You will see Save & Save New:

  • Save will save the state of the patch including the position of the knobs. Every time you select Save you are overwriting the previous saved state. When you reload after Save, the patch will load with these pre-set settings.
  • Save New saves everything into a brand new patch folder. Use Save New to make multiple versions of the same patch. You can think of each version as a different preset of the original patch. For example, you could:
  1. Load the Analog Style patch, Save with the Oscillator Ratio at 50%.
  2. Then Save New creating Analog Style 2 . The Organelle will automatically load this new patch (after closing the original Analog Style ).
  3. Use Save to preset Analog Style 2 with the Oscillator Ratio at 177% (keeping the Cutoff & Resonance settings the same as in Analog Style ).
  4. You now have two presets of the Analog Style patch.

A Favourite is one of a selection of patches that you curate. Any patch can be a favourite. More information about Favourites in Section 6.2 of manual.

I’m not sure what you did here. Where did you put it? You should probably undo this.

you are a champion thank you so much!
I can’t believe I never clicked Storage WTH!!!