Pure Data Newbies

Hi everyone, i`m a new Organelle user.

Originally i did not plan to start learning PD, but yesterday, there was one patch wich seemed to be almost perfect, i just wanted it, to have a little bit of a different behaviour.

I`m spending my evening with starting to get around PD today.

It feels like a whole new world (and looong journey ahead) to explore and i`m really motivated and exited to learn and make a lot of nice mistakes.

The first thing i encountered, wich made me starting this thread was… that i did not fully understood wich PD version i should download if i want to build and modify patches on my computer (mac).
I read in the forum, that it is recommended to build them directly on the Organelle, by hooking up mouse, keyboard and Screen… but many reasons make this for me at the moment not the best solution.

So, i wonder what is the downside of not doing it directly on the Organelle?
I read names like “PD Vanilla and Pd-extended” and just wondered if i´m on the right track when downloading: “Pure Data 0.51-3 for mac”

And today i want to start watching the youtube series you guys recommended ( cheetomoskeeto, Dr. Rafael Hernandez)…

My english writing skills are not the best, but i guess you get the idea(s).

Greetings from Hamburg

the best way to program for the organelle is definitely either hooking screen + keyb/mouse or logging into it remotely using vnc (super easy to do following the indications posted in this forum)
so you can use the screen + keyb already present in your computer

The reason why this options are best (in my opinion) is because organelle patches don’t work ‘directly’ on a mac / pc. so you will have to download externals , add a [dac~] in the main patch and then there is the issue that you have to emulate the knobs / buttons / display / etc. and on top of that, there are the issues that not all the externals work in all platforms and also you might end up patching together something “cool” but that can’t run in the organelle because it takes too much cpu… (after all that hours coding)…
mostly it’s ok… but its pretty gratifying to hear /see the results of what you are doing immediately rather than having to move the usb stick around…
Also, if there is an error in the patch running in the organelle, you will not know it unless you are watching at the pd console in the organelle… (the display will not tell you…)


Really good explanation, i totally will only work on the Organelle directly :sweat_smile:

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Haha :slight_smile: , well, is also good to have pd “vanilla” and extended installed in the laptop in order to browse all the universe of pd patches that are available in internet. Vanilla because is “the most updated version” and Pd-extended 0.42.5 because is the version that opens all old patches without having to modify them.


Thank you, i start to understand things now…

I would recommend Maurizio Di Berardino’s book on writing Organelle Patches. It starts with a general PureData tutorial but also has how to specialize patches for teh Organelle.

Because I started learning Pd before I got my Organelle - although with that in mind - I sometimes write the engine part of a patch on a PC, then port that to the Organelle and plumb it in there. But equally, I’ve worked exclusively on the Organelle. The only thing to watch out for is to remember to save everything before you reload!!! It doesn’t prompt you like it does on a PC.


Tahnk you! I already ordered it before you said that :slight_smile: and started with reading it, and i have a wired keyboard and mouse now… super exited to learn PD.

Hi @dystopiantofu - Here is a link to some of the first youTube vids I used that really helped me get into PD. There are a ton of online resources but these vids are very calm and informative in a really good way. Happy patching!

Edit : Oops I just saw they had already been recommended … Sorry!


hi @jasl, thank you for recommending… i started watching this series :slight_smile: