Query regarding audio outputs / headphone outputs

Hi there,
How are the outputs treated on the organelle ? is the headphone output just a ‘mirror’ of the L/R mono outputs ?

or can a patch address each physical output … i.e L, R, Headphone-L, Headphone-R ?

I’m hoping the latter

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Ah, I found this post from October 2015 from one of the developers (if I’m not mistaken!)

so the headphone output can not be individually addressed, there is only the L and R outputs - and the headphone out will output whatever is sent to those individual outs. If I’m not mistaken, but that’s what the quote seems to indicate.

a pity…

which leads me to a follow up question for the devs or anyone else who knows, is there a fidelity difference between the headphone output and the individual outs ? …or any other audio/technical differences to speak of (besides the fact it is a stereo output of course!) ?

often times the headphone output on hardware does not sound as well as the dedicated outputs, and/or has differing gain

The same 2 channel audio comes out of the headphone and line out. The headphone out goes through a small headphone amp circuit which may add a tiny bit of distortion, but I’ve never noticed much of a difference.

ok oweno, thanks.
I guess this can be addressed, if needs be, with a small class compliant audio interface…