Problem with my outputs playing to little bass

I am having a problem with my Organelle that I can’t quite figure out.
My Organelle is sending out much less bass on the main outputs than my headphone output.

Scenario 1: Unbalanced jack cable from main out L into either my mixer or my soundcard. Too little bass.
Scenario 2: I instead plug it into the high Z input on my soundcard or i press the high z button on my mixer. No problem!
Scenario 3: I plug a stereo minijack to dual mono jack cable into the output and plug those into my interface. No problem!

I made a quick video without sound to show it.
Anyone have any ideas? I am not sure if this is a new thing or not actually. I am on the firmware 3.1 btw.


Sadly the Organelle does not have have amazing sound out of the 1/4" mono jacks.
There was another post on here with a similar complaint and the user just opted to use the headphone out as the main source for direct recording.
I don’t claim to have golden ears or what not but it made me curious and I noticed the same thing on my box. Overall the sound from the stereo 1/4" outputs is softer than the headphone out.

One peculiar thing I also noticed when testing my outputs: when swapping cables to double check things and what not, on one test run I mistakenly plugged a cable into 1/4" input rather than out and realized that I was getting bleed from the outputs on the input.

Overall these things are minor at least for my use, but I can see how it can be a real turn off.

Thanks for you input. Yeah it’s funny I didn’t notice this before now, but I always use the High Z input on my sound card just because it is so conveniant and I thought it sounded great so I tidn’t think any more about it. I guess I’ll keep on using that for my usual business and when the Organelle is my master output I can use the headphone out. But on the other hand I was thinking maybe I can just run it though a high z di box and it will all be fine?

Here is another test. The patch is playing the noise~object
The picture on the left is going thru this Hosa impedance transformer:
The picture on the right it is going straight into the line in on my interface.
I also tried plugging in from the headphone output and that is pretty much identical to the one going thru the impedance transformer. Something to think about when you are hooking up this wonderful machine :slight_smile:

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I did another test to check the input and that seems to be fine. So as long as you either use the headphone output, or an impedance transformer (f.ex. a di-box I would assume) what you send in is also what you get out :slight_smile:

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